Terrible winter in the EU with ENERGY CRISIS extreme

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          Belgium’s energy minister mentioned that the EU countries will face 5-10 terrible winters which that means the EU countries would face a lack of energy for decades if the relevant organization has done nothing to reduce gas prices.

          Since Russia reduced the export volume of energy to the EU, this causes affects the demand to use gas and fuel in the EU over supplies, hence the energy prices are higher and the EU citizen face electricity bills that are high and it seems will not decrease.

          However, Russia is the biggest supplier that exports energy worldwide, especially the EU countries, last year Russia supplied the EU which reach 40% of its gas. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the EU which supports Ukraine sanctioned the finances of Russia accordingly, Russia responded by reducing the export of energy to the EU.

          The EU has implemented measures on energy-saving and purchasing gas from other alternative suppliers and because of these measures, Germany would be supported to reach its goal to reserve the gas before winter and fill the gas capacity to 85% by October. 

          Nevertheless, if the EU is unable to control the energy price and energy supply before winter, the EU citizen will face a terrible winter such as soaring electricity bills and energy is insufficient.

Published 07/09/2022

By Windy K.