An explosion in Poland Killed two near the Ukraine border

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         On 16 November 2022, missiles crossed into Poland, killing two Polish citizens and setting off a chain of reactions across the globe. Poland said the missile was Russian-made, calling on the Russian ambassador for an explanation. The explosion, near the Ukraine border, came as Russia launched a massive wave of missiles at Ukrainian cities and energy facilities just before dusk.

       While Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that the G-20 summit should focus on global economic challenges rather than security issues, after NATO claimed that the deadly missile hit near a Polish village wasn’t a Russian attack, the Polish died. Moreover, If Russia had intentionally targeted Poland, that could have risked drawing NATO into the conflict. Still, Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General Jens, and others laid overall but not specific blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war.

          Notwithstanding, The euro was last up 0.06% at $1.0331 after falling as much as 0.44%. The euro had earlier risen as much as 1.5% against the greenback following economic data. Currently, The euro regained some lost ground after falling sharply against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday following reports of the incident. 

Published 23/11/2022

By Ashley Jones