Laos’ Trade Overview in November 2022

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          The Lao Trade Portal reported that the trade deficit in November was $45 million a number shown better than September as well as October that sum of $233 million and $230 million. In November, the total Laos trade was $1.08 billion, the exports totaled $519 million, and the imports totaled $564 million, calculated as a trade deficit of $45 million.



        In November, Laos’ primary exporting goods and products contained gold and gold bars, wood pulp and waste paper, asphalt, potassium chloride, gold ore, clothes, sugar, shoes, and bananas which the top 5 countries Loas exporting goods and products are China, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Hong Kong. 

       Furthermore, the main imports were diesel, mechanical equipment, land vehicles, gems,  wood pulp, waste paper, steel and steel products, gasoline, plastic products, electrical appliances and equipment, and vehicle spare parts which importing them mostly from Thailand.

          Meanwhile, on 15th December 2022, the Laotian Times reported that exporting Laos’ electricity increased to 7.5% in 2022, and earned $1,769 million. Also, the import of electricity was drop down for 72.7% and spent only $15 million. The government set a target for generating a minimum of 51,134 million kWh in 2023 that more than 70% of this year, which will be ready to export to partners such as Cambodia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Published 28/12/2022

By Windy K.