Skyrocketing airline ticket prices since the workforce shortages broadened existed

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          Like many industries,  staff shortages were a long-running problem before the pandemic but the pandemic made it much worse as airlines were forced to furlough or let go of workers in their thousands. Because of this shortage, The result has been long queues at airports, lost luggage, long layovers, and acute disappointment. Even to phone customer service, the line has been holding for over an hour and others faced the prospect of being separated from their children.

       Not only the service workforce as the ground service providers, but also stewards, air hostages, and pilots have been insufficient to meet the demand. The laborers are job specialized which costly training and high qualified. A period of time is needed to be gradually adapted to the circumstances.

        After the pandemic seems to be more rapidly recovered, industries related to tourism sectors soared in fuel demand. In addition, winter conditions as well as worsened the global economy affected by the Ukraine war keep fuel price raising and lead to higher prices of airline tickets. However, insufficient labor has not affected some aviation companies supported by their homeland government and employee retention strategies during the pandemic. The challenge of this shortage no one knows quite how long it could last and where aviation should be considered.

Published 18/01/2023

By Ashley Jones