Myanmar’s mobile payment under military control

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          On 1 February 2023, A 2-year mark the Myanmar military initiated a deadly coup, ripping the country out of democratic transition. Mobile payments have become more common use in Myanmar after a severe shortage of cash pushed consumers to explore digital alternatives.

          Since last year, the regime has frozen the bank accounts and mobile money wallets of people who give financial support to the anti-coup resistance. Subsequently, The military junta maintains command of Myanmar’s banking system to keep a complete record. It has imposed increasingly authoritarian rules on either transferring or receiving mobile payments to keep personal information through its mobile wallet apps.

          The military government is supportive of this shift. At a January meeting with electronic payment companies, the Myanmar central bank called for reducing the use of cash and promoting the use of QR codes and payment apps. Currently, Some are now avoiding mobile payments altogether, fearing attention from the authorities.

Published 10/02/2023

By Ashley Jones